What is the best method for adding a strafe and vertical movement to the flying BP?

I am trying to Add both a Strafe and Vertical movement to the Flying BP, but I can’t seem to make it work. What is the best method to accomplish this in Blue Print?

I am trying to create a 3rd person Space shooter, and I want to add Strafe and Vertical movement not rotation, I have switched the heading/Yaw, and Pitch controls over to the mouse, and now am trying get the rest of the controls in. What I am trying to do is vaguely 6Dof, however the player is basically traveling down a tunnel, so the actual heading is more for aiming, and the strafe and Vertical movement will be the primary form of maneuvering.

I have tried taking the controls from the FPS BP, but they do not seem to work in the flying BP.


I’m looking to do the same thing as well!

Any one have any suggestions how this can be achieved?

Cheers in advance!

SO you are look at kinda UE4 Scrolling

W - forward, S - Back
A & D look left and right
Q & E Go up and down.
and maybe Z & C to strafe?

I was looking to have WSAD for forward, backward, turn left and turn right.
Then have UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT as hover upwards/downwards strafe/slide left and right.(like a helicopter)