What is the best Matinee exporting settings?

Guys how do you guys export your videos with good quality for youtube ?
im having trying jpg/bmp export to adobe premiere H264 HD1080 29.97 but seems that avi is a little better even with the lag issues i got with avi format when i convert it to H264 seems those lag issues got fixed but i lose quality how do you guys export matinee to youtube ?

Do you mean setting the screen capture resolution? UE4 is not like an actual animation package where you have a ton of settings. I’ve never really looked at it but I think, for the most part, it’s about the screen capture settings.

I personally render it to avi + a high resolution (e.g 1680x1050). After that I render it in sony vegas to wmv -> otherwise the file size would be too high to upload it :smiley:

No idea where my original post went but here goes again:

I personally render out to individual frames (.BMP), then import them into Adobe After Effects as an Image Sequence. Not only does this mean you get zero frame-drop because your system can’t keep up, but it’s also mega-flexible. Unfortunately it does take up a lot of Hard Disk Space depending on how long your sequence is. Don’t ask why I use After Effects, I’m not really certain myself.

I usually export it for YouTube as a .MP4 file with h.264 encoding, and there’s a minimum H.264 encoding quality you should use as well but it escapes me right now… Use a setting of 20 Mbps constant bit-rate to ensure your video uploads at 1080p. Also, you may as well lock the frame-rate and the final video to 30 FPS, because that’s YouTube’s native playback speed and I doubt it’ll change anytime soon. You’ll cut your resulting file-size in half too :wink:

As for the results, you can find my YouTube channel here. Cinematic Render [First Pass] was recorded via screen-capture, whereas Cinematic Render [Second Pass] was recorded using the image-sequence export.

Some Links:
Advanced Encoding Settings (YouTube / Google)
Video Quality (YouTube / Google)

Yeah. Rendering still frames is the norm as it avoids any problems during the render. If you render a video file and have a hiccup you have to start all over again. Rendering an image sequence allows you to restart from the last good frame.

thanks for reply’s anyone know how to make to slow the movement speed in play/simulation mode if i dont have any blueprints in the project ?