What is the best Material workflow for a small beach? - Beginners question

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out what would be the best workflow for a material workflow for a small beach? Let’s suppose i have many textures out of a beach.

  1. I create a big beach model (standard 3d model) and use substance painter to paint it with the textures - then import it to Unreal
  2. I create a landscape using Unreal and then use Unreal terrain tools? (or is it an overkill to use this since the beach wont be so big)




I guess it depends what you want to use the scene for? If it’s going to be part of a larger landscape outside of the beach, i’d probably go with making it as an unreal landscape then you can use a landscape material to paint it, and using multiple layers in the landscape material you’ll really be able to add different textures and features to the beach.

Maybe if you’re only creating the beach as part of a small diorama you could possibly go with creating the beach as a model, but as the beach is a big asset (relatively), you wouldn’t be able to create a single texture that would cover the whole beach, you’d have to use a tiled texture then use vertex painting or decals if you want to add any features or different textures to the surface.

Personally I’d say going for the landscape option would be better…

Thank you very much Mach45!