What is the best free software for screen capture to make a movie clip of my game to post here

Hi all

As the title says what is the best free software or method for screen capture to make a movie clip of my game to post here.


Open Broadcaster Software IMO. Then upload it to Youtube and when you post you can ‘insert video’ using the youtube link.

if you own a nvidia graphics card then “Shadow-Play” that comes with the drivers is amazing. it runs straight on the gpu and it doesnt lag the performance of your game while recording.

shadow-play where do i find that, is it in the Gforce Experience or when i do a custom install do i need to choose it.
can i please bother you to add a little more detail about shadow-play, this sounds like my best option.

It should be in the top-right corner of the gForce-experience main-window. But only if you have one of these cards:
GeForce GTX class GPUs 900, 700, 600,
900M, 800M, 700M, select 600M Series

You get Shadow Play when you install the GeForce Experience with a sufficiently powerful GPU.
Note that Shadow Play may not work on mobile devices (meaning laptops,) because of the way that mobile GPUs stick their rendered bits into the integrated graphics framebuffer for display.
(It may still work if you’re in full-screen on sufficiently powerful GPUs)