What is the best book to learn c++?

Hi, i am very interested on learning c++ to make my games but i dont know where to start, someone with experience can recommand me a book please?

I have to learn the unreal engine API reference or something?

I began to learn by getting a C++ Primer book; I think it was 4th edition. I would do my best to copy the lessons into Visual Studio and see if they would compile. This taught me some about the formatting of code as well as what compiling errors mean, and how to fix them.

Realistically, there is no perfect book to teach you C++ or UE4. You can start with any type of programming book and learn from it. When you begin to learn the logic of how to write a program, that will transition to using things like UE4. Simply take the time to begin to learn and don’t worry so much about how it will affect you’re ability to use UE4 (or any other game engine).

It took me about 6 months of self practice before I began to make decent sense of what was going on. I’m sure if you watched video tutorials or got a tutor, the time investment would be less.

Also if you come from another language, Google and StackOverflow is your best friend. Just google the term you know in other language and append C++ on it and you’ll easily get something quite fast. Might not be always the best practice in C++ as doing it on another language but its a good start.

If you are coming from another language and are comfortable coding, I like A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup. It goes over a lot of concepts that are essential to C++, but it is not very in depth. And as the others mentioned UE4 C++ can vary from the standard C++ in many ways.

Hello. Books are good, but you need practice. You can find some good books on learning C++ in my article for, but I will recommend you to find some courses or at least a person who can help you with learning it.

Each individual learns differently, you have to know what works best to you.

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