What is the best bang for your buck for your marketplace $30 credit?

I am just perusing the market now being a relatively new UE4 user, it is coincidence that I subscribed just a couple months ago and got the great $30 credit. What in your opinion is a “must have” from the marketplace for a newer user? Prototype tools? Material collections?

no clue honestly as different project types have different needs, i say hold onto it until something comes that really meets your eye

I got the universal sound pack, that’s quite good and usefull. Some of those large materials packs look quite useful also.

You could just save it until something comes out on the marketplace that really strikes your fancy.

No need to spend it now if you really are not sure.

As the others have said - wait until something is on there that is useful for your projects or what you’re learning.

Not that you can only wait a little longer, but you actually can add more fund and then have a big variety to pick from

Yeah, there is no hurry, if you can’t find something that you definitely want to buy - just wait until it pop up!
With free UE4 it’s just a matter of time before Marketplace boom with new stuff