What is the best approach to create realtime rendering software similar to Twinmotion?

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if i am on the right place to ask this question.
What is the best approach to create real-time rendering software similar to Twinmotion?

I am not a tech background person at all, but i am trying to get into tech very soon.
Difficult will not be a problem, i just really want to know how these were created…

If someone are able to guide me with just a rough topics about what i should go with will be very great.
So i can do research about these myself.
I really appreciate your help!

I saw a post that said Twinmotion was created from Unreal Engine, not sure if it is right or not.
If it is, i believe Twinmotion’s real time GI is not using UE4 classic GI ( i read that UE4 Dynamic lighting is not good enough), people said that we need to change to “NVIDIA Voxel Global Illumintaion (VXGI)”. Please correct me if i am wrong.
PS: i just read this yesterday, and just learning the term of Voxels etc.

And how can twinmotion’s real time GI different from UE4 GI if it is built from UE4?

Or, Is it better to use Unity or CryEngine ?( I apologize that mentioning other brands, because i am totally blank how to create these).

Also, in order to create software like twinmotion, we should learn to program a game and also software function,is it correct?
Do you have any guidance of direction for me?
Is there any books,videos, courses, or even university or other way that i am able to create these professionally, as i really enthusiast to develop similar kind of software.

I am curious about how actually,they :
1.import sketchup,revit,etc,
2.created as a program(installed in computer)
3.the whole functions (drag and drop libraries, lighting,etc)
4.export output to BIMmotion,video ,graphic,etc
5.libraries etc
6.almost everything.

Are they code the software from scratch, or taking functions from UE4 source code? copy paste some of the code perhaps?

And also, i see that twinmotion’s software has a lot of functions etc,is there any direction for me to study how actually the code of software like that actually arranged?
What first what second etc.
Then, how to manage the code made by the game programmers, software programmers,and other programmers and combine them into a software like Twinmotion.
What should i study to understand these professionally?
I don’t have any idea of how the structure of these kind of software created.
Where should i learn about this basics?
I know that the items that i mentioned are too wide, but i really passionate to seek a way to understand,learn,and build my own team in the future.
So, i am trying to express,feel free to let me know as much as you want although the way i talk is like a common non-tech person.

Again,i apologize to ask this very basic things.
I am not trying to have all of the answers from the community easily, but if i can get a simple guidance or topics to search and learn.
It will be very helpful!
Or, anyone would like to send privately , please email me at : nomadlife2019@gmail.com

Hope you guys have a wonderful day and Thank you very much!