What is the best approach for making a 2 player co-op puzzle platformer?

I’m getting started with prototyping an idea I have for a two player 2d sidescrolling co-op puzzle platformer. What are some do’s and don’t for making a two player game to run on a single screen? I might look into lan play later, but for now I’d like to stay away from networking and just test the idea on a single sreen. Any suggestions, tips and advice will be really appreciated.

Keep in mind how the camera operates (unless you go split screen). Who it prioritizes when following. How indicators work when players go off screen as a result. Heck you can even make it a core aspect of gameplay to make your game unique.

Other than that, there really isnt much thats different between a single screen coop game and any other game from the perspective of coding (game design is an entirely different beast altogether).

Thanks that’s a great tip about the camera, I had not even started thinking in that direction and I realize how important that is. Thanks again. :slight_smile: