What is the best and more effective language should i learn for UE4?

I want to know which programming language perform better on UE4? Is it c++ or blueprint and why.
Consider I am a programmer and want to work on UE4 so what is better to use on UE4?

I don’t know if you can say that the one is “better” than the other.

I use both and I like it to work with C++ in UE4. But I also use Blueprints to prototype functionality or as an interface between code and editor to easily tweak values and quickly test out some functions.

Since Blueprints are no real programming language, it would be better for yourself to learn C++ since you will have a use for it outside of UE4. There are some things you only can do in C++ and not in Blueprints since every feature needs to be explicitely exposed to BP. In my opinion Blueprints can get confusing quickly, e.g. when performing bigger calculations.

If you learn C++, you also get familiar with the constructs that are used in Blueprints, such as branch which corresponds to if in C++.

But if you are only a designer and don’t want to learn programming and you are satisfied with its possibilities, then you can go very well with only using BP.

It depends on your aim and experience.

In any case I suggest learning basics of Blueprints because it much more simple language (so you wont spend much time to learn it) and it used very often in projects of different size. Knowing Blueprints will definitely pay off with time if you want to work with UE4,

If you’re familiar with programming on other languages I would suggest also learn C++ because it gives lots of advantages. C++ itself is not a very simple language, but Epic Games built very good layers of abstraction on the “pure” C++ so using C++ in UE4 in most of the cases doesn’t require very deep knowledge of C++.

One way of thinking about these languages is: Blueprints is script language to do high-level gameplay logic and C++ is language to extend the functionality of Blueprints. So in this case they’re not competitors but two parts of one ecosystem.

And I need to also add these points (someone can disagree with some of them):

  • Development of small projects is faster with blueprints (it’s perfect for prototypes)
  • Using C++ (if used wisely) for your game architecture you can build really big projects without over-complication
  • Blueprints are very good for UI code
  • C++ is faster with heavy calculations (my comparison) so it’s better to move that calculations to C++
  • There are still some problems that can’t be solved using Blueprints only