What is the best 3D Modelling Software


I am new to the Unreal Engine and I am looking for free modelling software like Blender, so I am wonder what is the best free modelling software out there or can I export blender files to unreal?

Thank in advance.

You can just use Blender if you want something that’s free

Export to FBX from blender.
there are many tools and addons that can make your life easier.

You do have to live with some downsides like smoothing groups not being groups and therefore a little less intuitive to use, but other than this its pretty perfect…

Rocket3F Basic V1 is free to use. Blender 2.80 while it is a large improvement it is still lacking and buying some very useful plugins on BlenderMarket surely would help a lot when modelling, there are some really useful modelling plugins for Blender that solve most of its issues to make life easier and so it gets quicker to model anything

Could you give some examples of stuff you use? (And optionally why)

I’m doing fine so far with the stock stuff plus the addons i made (one of them now includes one click export options for edges or faces).

the only other plugin I find useful on modeling so far is Loop Tools - also just a free plugin.

The time consuming stuff is UVmaps but I assume that’s normal.
learning how to use pin/unpin and unwrapping as you go improved speed a lot.

baking takes a lot too, and that is also normal since most of it is computing time.

As far as creating things goes the modifier tools / array / screw / boolean etc. are where time is saved the most for me, even on organic meshes rather then industrial.
And let’s not forget the mirror… it’s a lot easier to work on one side of a thing and have the opposite be symmetrical on it’s own. Huge time saver at times.

so, really curious about what could cut my dev time even lower :slight_smile: