What is the Ark Dev Kit On Steam?

I tried getting into modding Ark about a year ago but I ended up taking a break from Ark but am now getting back into it and would like to run a sever and modding is extremely interesting to me. Before the Ark Dev Kit required Unreal, Github and Steam to work I believe. Now the Unreal Engine engine download is 118+ GB which is a slighlty behind version of the Github Dev Kit files but what is the dev kit on steam under tools its 37GB. Do I need this for anything?

Sorry for the dumb question I was not able to find any install tutorials made within the past year.

No, the file on steam is completely outdated. Easiest route is to get the Epic Launcher. If you want to be completely up to date, download & overwrite the files from the epic launcher install w/ the files from github.

Ok Thank you.