What is the absolutely fastest, most streamlined and simple way to communicate in blueprints?

I have begun looking into blueprint interfaces and components recently, as a part of trying to eliminate as many nodes as humanly possible. Performance isn’t the goal here, but instead, the fastest possible workflow.

The weapon is spawned and attached to the character and then created as a variable. The weapon then has the weapon component. On the weapon, there is nothing in the event graph.

The pictures below are for firing directly from the weapon component and the functions come from the blueprint interface on the weapon component.

Do you know of an even simpler way of doing this?

That’s about as simple as it gets.

BP interface isn’t about simplification, it’s about being able to talk to any kind of actor without having to cast. It’s a function of usage.

You also have Direct communication and Event dispatchers, but these are again, suited to different scenarios, not ease of use.

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What exactly is direct communication?

The event dispatchers, isn’t that mostly when the level, or one thing, is calling out to everyone? For example, an AI commander sending out a squad command for retreat.

Direct communication is the least elegant method. It’s when you just have a reference to the other BP. It means casting and dependence.

Event dispatchers, correct. One to many.

Direct communication would be: Weapon → component → event

You’re above code is primed for direct communication. You spawned and created a var ref for the weapon. You technically don’t need to use a BPI at that point, nor casting.

Thank you both. This is even better. Now the additional components can become line trace component, projectile component, throwable component and so forth.

BPI was indeed not needed, aside from getting the player and the camera references.