What is Solution Can you Tell By Seeing this Clip

BP_Myactor details. is showing the door and switch locations as 0,0,0 which is where they end-up being moved to. There is a “set location” command being called that’s apparently referencing that position… that’s why the Door Z seems to be working… even if it’s not happening where you want it to.

The Z axis stuff on the door seems to be working, but something is resetting the value of “InitialDoorLocation” (and the button). I would use logging to report when the initiallocations are set, and what the vector values are. Also log each time the “newlocation” is used, and what that value is as well.

It’ll probably give you the answers you need to fix it.

… without knowing the details of what you are actually doing code-wise, no.

Thank you For your Replay but i fix it