What is Set Constraint Reference Position's Frame property?

Could someone explain what the Frame property is in Set Constraint Reference * nodes?

According to PhysX User Guide a joint has two actors, and for each actor a constraint frame. (Although they number then 0 and 1 not 1 and 2.)

Each localFrame argument specifies a constraint frame relative to the actor’s
global pose. Each joint defines a relationship between the global positions
and origins of the constraint frames that will be enforced by the PhysX
constraint solver.

I still don’t really see the relation between these two constraint frames and the visual representation of the constraint (limits and such) which seem to be a single “thing”.

In my case I had a single component constrained to world, so only Component 1 Name had a value, Component 2 Name was left ‘None’. Since I only had a single actor I kept trying to set the frame of reference in the constraint using the “Frame 1” setting. I figured that meant my actor, since adjusting the immovable world, the second participant, would be silly. However it just did not work out, all I got was really weird behavior. Then I ran out of ideas. For lolz I set “Frame 2” and to my surprise I instantly got an intuitive result. I still have no idea what’s going on.

Hey, could you figure it out? I am totally lost in this :frowning: