What is royalty?

I’ve been looking at some posts on here and they say [ROYALTY] in the title and I want to know what that means. I know that might be a silly question but I would love an answer :slight_smile:

Basically it as follows:

Simply put, royalty is a percentage of revenue. If I work for a team that pays royalty, then I am not paid by the hour, or per project, but I receive a percentage of revenue sales and possibly other methods of income.

I thought it was a learning tool to discover how hard it is to keep a team active and motivated :smiley:

(No, seriously, the above 2 have the correct answer).

Royalty/ Revenue Share should always be considered carefully, though it may work well for some people.

One implication of royalty is that you are taking a risk based on whether or not the game will be successful.

Just something to keep in mind, my first failed game project involved royalty and it fell apart for… well, I just don’t want to get into it now.