What is RHI?

How to translate RHI?
What is it?

Every your answering activity increases my loyalty to Unreal Engine :smiley:

RHI = Rendering Hardware Interface. It’s the C++ interface which the high-level platform-independent rendering code in Unreal Engine 4 uses to communicate with the several platform-dependent implementations that exist for Direct3D, OpenGL, etc.


I had exactly same question while I was reading code now I got it.

Unreal has an abstraction layer (called RHI) above these platform-dependent apis, so it is able to use dx11 (soon dx12/vulkan) on windows, opengl (soon vulkan) on linux, metal on mac, etc

there already dx12 and vulkan, infact you need to use those to support raytracing features, note that in single platfrom you can have multiple RHI