What is REINST and SKEL?

I’m newbie of UE and English.

I created blueprint class driven c++ class.

C++ class name is AWdiget (based on AGameMode)
Blueprint class name is BP_Widget (based on AWidget)

When I enter scene, I found AWidget ctor called several times.
Their names below

  • Default_BP_Widget_C
  • Default_SKEL_BP_Widget_C
  • Default_REINST_BP_Widget_C

I Just want to know what they are.
Anyone explain about it?

I also wanna know! I found that when i have one blueprint class, and try to find it via TObjectIterator, i get 2 entries where i expect only 1.
One of the 2 entries is i.e. Widget_C and the other is SKEL_Widget_C.
It seems that there is a dummy object.
What is this about?
Why is the name containing SKEL?
What does it mean?

I also wanna know!

I think SKEL will be “Skeleton”, the default object that is created for each UObject automatically.

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I have a boat load of errors when migrated my game from 4.26.1 to 4.27.0 (both source) with “recursive REINST” errors. So, I’d like to know too.