What is {ProjectName}.VC.db file

Hi people!

I can’t find any information about {ProjectName}.VC.db and {ProjectName}.VC.VC.opendb files in root of project. For what are they exactly? Just I setup VCS on my project and don’t know is it needed to put these files into repository or not.

Thanks in advance for any clarification

Those files are actually a new version of the old {ProjectName}.sdf and {Projectname}.opensdf which are holding informations about include-files, parsing and syntax highlighting.

From Visual 2013 to Visual 2015 they changed the database engine used by e.g. intellisense from SQL Server Compact to SQLite. And as you are using UE4.10 I assume you are using VS2015.

As these files may be using your local machines paths and it may become pretty big (at least my .sdf file is currently ~560MB) you should not put this into the repository, as Visual will create it itself when needed.

Source: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2015/11/11/new-improved-and-faster-database-engine/