What is possible?

Hi there,
I’m new to the Unreal Engine. I’m using Unity 3D right now and I’m looking over to Unreal :slight_smile:

Is anything possible with Blueprint without a line of code?

It does have limitations like any scripting language does.

But it is entirely possible to build any type of game out of nothing but Blueprints.

Check out some of the Marketplace packages like Generic Shooter, all done 100% in Blueprints.

Anything, no. A lot, yes.

Blueprints are child classes. They ARE code. They are limited at the point where someone from Epic Games did not expose
a certain thing. In UE4 you can define which Variables and functions should be available in Blueprints. That doesn’t count
for all. So most of the time you will find yourself at a point where you notice that this specific function or variable is simply
not available for you.

And also not every variable type is supported by blueprints yet. And, since ONE node is always one exposed function, you can’t
really change written nodes. Best example would be the Network Session Nodes. In C++ you can add a lot of stuff to your Network
functions. Set your own ServerName and maybe also completely extend the SessionClass with new options. In Blueprints you will have
to work with the limited Session Nodes (or use a plugin that is around on the forums, but this is just an example).

Nevertheless, you can do a lot of stuff with Blueprints. Depending on your game, you will maybe never face a limitation, because you
simply don’t need more than there is available. But you could also run into a limitation, where it would be better and easier to simply
extend the Blueprint System with your own C++ code.

You are coming from Unity, so you know C#. Don’t be lazy if it comes to that and try to learn and use C++. It is not that hard (:

Not everything is possible, but you can certainly make complete games with blueprints. There has only really been 1 thing that I haven’t been able to do in blueprints, and that is alphabetize an array of strings, though I just made my own blueprint node from C++ in 5 minutes.

Thank you all :slight_smile: Sounds good :slight_smile: