What is pawn, actor & character

Hi. I’m having a tough time understand what “pawn”, “actor” & “character” is.

From what I understand, “actor” is random objects in your game, like a ball, box…light.
A “pawn” is the actual character player themselves or an AI char.
and I’m completely lost for “character”.

I could be way off on these, that’s why I need clarification, please!

Hey Allc1865,

You may have figured this out since you asked this a while ago but figured I’d answer anyways.

All of the pawn, actor and characters are all classes that are all derived (basically think of it like children branching from a single parent).

So for the 3 you mentioned they all start with the Object Class, than the Actor Class (main thing about an actor is that it can be placed in the level where an object cant), than the Pawn Class (this is the lowest level of class for the player to possess) and finally the Character Class.

The Character Class is the Pawn Class, but with extra functionality like the skeletal mesh thrown in as it’s defaults.

If you go to the create blueprint box you can actually see the hierarchy like so:

So here you can see it goes Object > Actor > Pawn > Character.

So anything that you place in the level is actually a Class derived from the Actor Class.

Other Classes like the Widgets for you UI don’t derive from the Actor Class because they don’t get spawned into the level and are instead handled by some programming magic to add it to the viewport.

I hope that makes it clearer.