What is need to do a game to sell?

Hi Everyone, I am beginning to learn Unreal engine 4 in Brazil, and I would to know what I need to developing a game and publish my game, that I don’t have prepared, but, one day I will have, so, I know which I need to buy the Unreal engine 4 for developing and when you need to do a game, you buy the kit developing.

Then I would to know how much cost have all softwares to develop one game, and, if is possible to develop a game with only the Unreal Engine 4?

To began, I learning now how develop a game and I am liking to do this after my work, in the night!!!

Thank you very much!

I appreciate developers gamers!

Phellipe F F

I’m not sure I understand your question(s). I certainly think it’s possible to develop games only using UE4.

If you are asking about what steps to follow with UE4 when you’re ready to release a game, you can find that here.

Downloading and using the Unreal 4 Development Kit is free

When you publish your game, you must pay 5% of your gross sales over $3,000 to Epic Games as royalties every calendar quarter.

  • ELUA, section 5. Royalties

My teacher sad to me, if I developing a game in Unreal 4, so I have to buy the Unreal developing kit and then produce the game!

Thanks a lot

Ah - it’s not the case that you have to “buy” UE4; you can license it for free. You just have to pay the royalty on revenue you make in the game.