What is "Navigation Geometry Gathering Mode" for on Landscapes?

I have been looking for documentation on this property but I can find anything. Does anyone know what it does and what it is for?


The available choices are:

  1. Default
  2. Instant
  3. Lazy

Just a bump :slight_smile:

I am also super interested in this!

Here’s what it means:

"These gathering modes control how geometry is exported during navigation mesh generation at runtime. So they work only if you use dynamic nav-mesh generation. By default engine uses “Instant” export, which means whenever geometry is added to the world navigation system will immediately export it to a polygon soup and start generate navigation mesh tiles from it. “Lazy” will delay export until mesh tile is actually needed. One example of “Lazy” option is our Kite demo. It’s not practical to export and generate nav-mesh for a big world so Kite demo generates nav-mesh tiles only around AI characters in a specific radius lazily exporting and generating tiles when characters move around.

“Default” instructs to use Project wide setting (Project Settings -> Navigation System -> Data Gathering Mode)"