What is Modular & how they work?

So I just got myself a content that was tag under Modular and that I’m wanting to know what does it mean with the word " Modular " does it mean it comes with pre made buildings that you can’t build yourself or what, just I’m not 100% sure and I’m not wanting to pay like well over £50.00+ for a Modular that makes making homes very limited…

Read it as set of pieces. Or construction kit. Something like that.

the individual pieces are moduals like legos for example. basically they are reusable pieces of buildings which can be assembled however you like to create many different building from a small number of meshes. it the opposite from what your thinking. the modular way of going about things makes it so you dont have to model each building by hand each time, it becomes more of placing the parts. a common thing in modular sets would be to have say a wall section thats 500uu long which you can duplicate to make a longer wall, but there are also other walls that look alike except they have a door or a window in them. check out the link below to see a modular castle town and you will see that its not entire buildings they are using but rather parts of buildings. also you can use these parts to create a building then convert the building you made into its own mesh resulting in having building by itself.