What is minimum RAM for dedicated server?

What is the approximate minimum memory (RAM) size for minimalist dedicated server with empty map? I just want to know the lowest starting point to calculate server requirements.

I don’t think there one established, you need check RAM usage yourself and decide, by google i hear it takes around 100-250MB so it should not be issue to run even on very old hardware in regards of RAM.

UE4 will run on any amount of RAM as long as there enough virtual memory to fit it, since when both run out you sill start to get out of memory errors. optimally you want it to run it all on hardware RAM but OS might throw some data to virtual anyway.

I have done my own test with basic Third Person template. Dedicated server loaded 165 Mb into RAM, in one minute this value turned into 135 Mb (may be due to garbage collection). Size of used memory did not visibly changed when two clients connected.

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