What is making UE crash when creating VR project?

HI, I’m a new user of UE. If I try to create a new project using the VR template, UE freezes after loading 39% of the project. Also there are other tutorial projects that leads to the same response, e.g.Content Examples. I noted in the task manager that the CPU is loaded at 100%, in such occurences.

It’s 90% chance this is shader compilation with is tasking process, just let him finish it, once it done it should load fest next time.

If you got lock up on splash screen, start the editor with -LOG in command line, this will open log window and you will see what UE4 is doing on start up. You can also check Saved/Logs in project directory

Yes, 39 or 45% are the steps where assets or shaders are processed. The shader compilation can be very long the first time. Open your task manager and unfold “UE4Editor”, you should see the shader compiler sub processed.