What is making a game about?

I think making a game is about proper blueprints and animations/models combined with good maps and hud and some networking stuff for multiplayer.

Making a game should be primarily about providing fun, intuitive gameplay.

Jeff Nadrich

At first you have fun.

Then fun ends its time to fill empty spots to polish code, balance game mechanics.

And then it is all about persistence, about doing at least single task each day.

Most time is that 3rd part, so i would say that making game is about keep going and dont give up.

Loving what you do will help you make a better game. Keep your scope well contained!

I would say that making a game is the act of bringing together the necessary assets required for the project and implementing them in a way in which the level of interaction is enjoyable for the individual playing it.

Are you a lawyer? :smiley:

Hahaha naw, just a really passionate dev that sometimes can see the trees for the forest…or however that quote goes lol.