What is kinematic physics body?

What is kinematic physics body?

I see this in physics body reference

Simulate Physics **
If true, this body will use simulation. If false, will be ‘fixed’ (ie kinematic) and move where it is told.**

Next I see this image in (page search key “Kinematic”)


But if I set physics velocity to anything with simulate physics disabled then nothing happens at all!

So what is the code trying to achieve there and what does kinematic means in this context? Is there anything like PHYS_Projectile from UDK?

From my understanding: Kinematic means you can set where the bones are and the physics system will not interfere with that, Simulate means it will be a rag doll (like a bunch of cylinders attached with rope).


Taken straight from google:

Which means as much as: “It ignores any type of simulation (gravity, physics, etc.)”

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