What is "Joint Target" in the IK node?

I’ve looked over the examples and documentation numerous times. Could someone please answer a definition for “Joint Target” on the IK node for skeletal controls? In the IK anim example, a bone name is input for a bone further up the chain from the effector, as well as a vector offset. I’ve also searched general IK and “Joint Target” to see if this term is used in other IK setups, but cannot find anything relevant.

If at all possible, some further clarity in the Skeletal Controls documentation would be very helpful.

Joint Target is basically the equivalent of a pole vector in Max or Maya. For example, on a leg or arm IK setup, the knee or elbow will aim at the Joint Target.

Hope that clears things up a bit.

Thanks, so to confirm my understanding, a Joint Target is a location that a specified bone in the IK chain should rotate towards? In the case of a 3 bone IK setup, this should usually be the middle bone?

This is perfect, thanks so much for your help.

It doesn’t rotate a specified bone, it rotates the entire chain. The location of the Joint Target drives the overall twist of the joint chain. Here’s a video that illustrates the idea: youtube link.

Hope that helps!