what is in game UI system solution by ue4 ?

scaleform or slate?
if slate ,this is can like scaleform work and NGUI by Unity3d (Unity3d 4.6 new ui system).
I know slate ui system for UnrealEditer with game can use one is great,but in game it not amity to non-programmers now.
UI systm with game is very important

If you’re looking for a really flexible and simple to set up UI solution, I suggest checking out RadiantUI. Its HTML5 based, and supports Javascript. If you’re a previous Scaleform user, you can use Swiffy with Flash Pro to export your SWFs to HTML5, and render those in-game using Radiant.

If you are willing to take closer look and take some effort I can recommend using Slate.
It’s not that bad as it might look at first glance, and once you learn to use it is quite efficient.

I think Slate is very good with editer and game only one solution,but now it don’t amity when UI for non-programmers

You can also check Coherent UI, with which you can use standard modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create your whole UI.

Here’s a post which compares Slate, Canvas and Coherent UI.

I’m open for feedback.

P.S. There is a fully-functional free trial :slight_smile:

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Can HTML5 UIs handle complex UI interactions? IE - Drag and droppable inventory systems, interactive dialogue trees, zoomable in-game maps, overlay-able mini-maps?

With Coherent UI you can do all of the above :slight_smile: Please check this solutions page, which represents some of the many possible UI interactions achieved.

Also, Planetary Annihilation is using Coherent UI for 100% of their UI, which indeed is pretty heavy and complex. You can see the use case in this video.

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I don’t see why not. If you can do it in HTML5, CSS and JS - I’m guessing its pretty easy to pass the relevant information to UE with Java.

I saw a small screen shot of a mini map in your CryEngine screen shot but, how would you overlay mini map icons for it in UE4?

Say a quest marker, in essence the mini map is a second camera in a top down view with a different level of detail. Does it support culling masks to show icons?

It should be no different in UE4, please check our blog post explaining our creation of the minimap you saw

If you need a picture-in-picture, coming from a second camera, this is fairly easy to add, for which I’d recommend using our feature Live Game Views and our explanation of how to add it.

We also support masking of images via CSS, please see here.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: