what is happening with my unreal engine 4.27 ?

so this is happening https://i.imgur.com/vg0X39s.png every single time i try to copy paste a geometry, or even some other meshes, i can however place out a new geometry cube but it won’t get any mesh that is before i klick on “order” and (set to first) this does kinda solve my problem if it just wasn’t because it only fixes it for copy pasting for like 3 times, and than the hole through my map thing is back, does anyone know if there is any way to fix it ? and i don’t get than manny errors ether https://i.imgur.com/Jko4bgj.png in this link before this is wich button i meant with “order” still wonder if this could be a problem, ? https://i.imgur.com/D3MVg8m.png not sure, if it got something to do with that im working on a MOD map for Ready or not, IM NOT A DEV IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM JUST A MOD