What is happening with my landscape? Blocky textures in certain angles of lighting

I am having this issue with painting soil texture over grass. This was working fine previously, in fact my material has 7 layers that all painted nicely together. This issue started cropping up recently and I am not sure what I changed to cause it.

It’s fine where it’s blended but areas that are fully soil show these blocky textures. But if I pan and look from another direction it looks normal. If I remove the directional light from the scene it looks normal.

To narrow it down I made a whole new landscape material and just blended two layers, the grass function and the soil function. Made a new level, new landscape and applied the material. The same problem happens!

Any ideas?

Am I missing something easy? How can I fix the problem?

usually this happen with directional light if you dont build lightning. building the lightning should remove these square artefact

Lighting has been built. It is the directional light causing it and it only happens to certain layers of the material.

Did you read the docs?

Is your base layer correctly configured?
Is the layer that’s on top correctly subtracting?

Show your material and layer settings if you think they are correct after re-checking the docs.

Thanks, I was actually hoping this was a common enough occurrence that someone could easily point me to a solution. I noticed a couple of other people mentioned problems with landscape segments not rendering and the solution was simply to select shared wrap on the textures.

Anyway I figured out in the meantime that my grass blend layer was the culprit. It was counterintuitive because the grass layer worked fine. I was blending two sets of textures and varying the blend on view distance, plus macro variations and heigh outputs. In the end I got rid of everything except one set of grass textures and the problem went away.