What is GridPathAI and all subsequent methods

Hello all,

For the past 2 month, i have been working on a project, and i have made a grid system and A* pathfinding algorithm, it works well, and dont bog down performance. And now it was time to start doing AI for the game, and i noticed there is a GridPathAIController, and so many functions with the name Grid, Like Find local Navigation Grid Path. And there is no written documentation on this, no explanation of how it works, and no tutorials. So my question is, did someone use it? How to make the grid with these functions, or i should just stick to what i have made already, and use normal AI controller, because i have an idea of how implement it all, but maybe its better to use.

Will be greatefull for any help based on this.

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You may have seen this in marketplace already AI Grid Path Finder in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
You may find it informative. (I’m not affiliated with this product and I haven’t purchased it.) I just thought you might find it informative.