What is going on with the Physics Constraints?

I just transferred one of my big projects to UE5 for the first time. I was having a great time until I met a Blueprint of mine while test playing. It’s a wooden box hanging from a rope on a tree, all made within a Blueprint.

The box falls straight to the ground. I am pretty sure I tried every possible setting but it won’t hang and swing anymore. I saw many people reporting such problems with UE5. Is there a solution to this? I really really need that Blueprint. Please help!

Apparently, what is completely out of order is the “soft constraint”, which is essential for realistic constraints. I really really hope there must be some setting in project settings or something else that needs to be checked. I can’t believe UE5 went official with such a tool missing.

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I’m having the same issue. The soft constraints don’t hold. They slip little by little although I did not set any plasticity.