What is faster? ProceduralMeshComponent or BSP?

I know I can edit PMC a lot faster than I can BSP.
I’m getting realtime instance results with PMC I’m editing via code against BSP that requires you to build the mesh to actually see the results and if you are checking the realtime checkbox, every action will take few seconds if not more to show ( or even minutes for large meshes ).
The question is about performances after mesh manipulation is done.
I know Epic says it is better to convert all BSP to static meshes once you done modifying it for better performances.
So I was wondering, what is faster without converting to static mesh?

Once you finished edits on PMC, it is virtually same as ordinary mesh. So in general case PMC will be better. But frankly, this is to generalized. It should be viewed against particular applications.

When using a lot of sections in procedural mesh in order to assign a lot of materials. It’s performances are getting a big hit. That was the case in 4.9 i think. I know they changed stuff in 4.13. But still. It cant be compaired with static mesh’s performances.

Yeah my bad. From your description I thought that you are doing conversion to static mesh. Kinda missed word “without”.