What is event?

what is event and function? Example in real world, or in unity, please. explain for me, what is ::Event Actoroverlap.

Events get called when something happens. For example the ActorOverlap event gets called when your actor overlaps with another actor (so their meshes intersect each other). They exists so you can attach code that should execute to that event.

So for example if you want an object to be destroyed when it hits something you would (in blueprint) drag the execution from the OnHit event and call the Destroy() method.

Functions are just a bunch of code, that can be called by calling the function. When i execute my function, everything that is in this function gets executed. They are a way of structuring your code into logical units, so you can have functions that do different things (for example you’d have a function to change the colour of your actor and another function to change the size of your actor and so on)

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