What is "EditorCube"

I’ve seen the term “EditorCube” popup a few times. Phrased just like that, title cased with no spaces which make me think it is something specific.

Where I’ve seen it mentioned:

  • The recently released, official
    “BluePrint” Office demo in the
    Marketplace has an Actor in the scene
    called “EditorCube”.
  • I’ve seen “EditorCube” talked about several
    times in posts (for example this
    down in one of the

What exactly is the/an “EditorCube”?

Hi tmek,

The “EditorCube” was the red cube (StaticMesh) seen here: https://de45xmedrsdbp.cloudfront.net/blog/viewport_blog-770x250-1138250162.png

It was a popular mesh to use for testing because it was distinct. The question you linked to is a Beta tested describing using it as a place-holder. Those meshes were removed from the default level template.

I hope this helps!