What is DPI scaling?

So I decided the other day to go ahead and give a whack at a tutorial-less game. Why? What better way to learn than whack your head at it until you find a question. XD As I am making one, I decided to rummage through the options and explore them. I found an option called, “DPI scaling”. I haven’t found another post that describes really what it is or what affect it has. Just how to change it and such.What exactly is the DPI scaling? I read the documents at DPI Scaling in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation but I am still unsure as to what it actually is? Sorry if this is a repost or “dumb” question. But am a tad curious so thought I would ask those more experienced than myself. :smiley:

Screens on tablets/mobile and 1080/1440/2160+p monitors have different dots per inch, or, small pixels per inch, which results in the fidelity of the images. (think ultra hd vs HD, ultra hd has 4 times the amount of pixels than HD. so it has 4 times the amount of DPI compared to HD.

In this case, depending on the resolution/dpi of the screen, this dpi scaler will scale accordingly.