what is cover links

I was using udk when I found an actor called a cover link what does it do I can’t find any documentation on it or you tube videos does anyone know what it is

I believe they are used in gears of war,not sure how they made it into udk.

bots will use them as nav points but there is no code for them to actually use them have to do that yourself.

“Beginning iOS3 Unreal Games Development” by Robert Chin explains Coverlinks, and gives code.

The bots are supposed to use them as cover to dodge bullets. Coverlinks are part of the bots’ navigation network. For example you place a mesh box and a coverlink behind it then tell the Coverlink if the box is full cover / half cover; height - area hide-able etc.

I had a half-**** play around and noticed a problem that sometimes my bots had no collision. The test map was small and extremely basic so how collision came into it I have no idea - far as I got - never looked into solutions.