What is "Convert to Possessable" in the sequencer supposed to do?

I understand that when you record a sequence it will create a temporary copy of the recorded object upon playback and then destroy it when the sequencer is finished. I was under the impression that this option Convert to Possessable would allow the sequencer to instead possess an existing object in the scene and animate that instead. I was thinking I could use it to resume playing from wherever the sequence was interrupted, but it doesn’t seem to work out that way. So I’m wondering what this functionality is actually used for?

Selecting this option seems to create a new permanent instance of the object in the scene:

So I was thinking I could just delete the original instance and just use the one that the sequencer possesses, but after doing this the sequencer seems to create another instance altogether called MyProject3Pawn:

My level blueprint is just forcing this sequence to play at the start:

When the animation finishes I don’t resume playing from where the sequencer left off, am I totally misunderstanding the purpose of this option?


You might want to try the option in the sequence recorder called “Record to Possessable”. That will create a level sequence which is bound to the existing actor in the level. Otherwise, as you’ve noticed, it will create a spawnable actor which is essentially a duplicate of the actor you recorded.

Both workflows are valid depending on what you’re doing. Spawnables are useful in a level sequence because they’re self contained assets and you don’t have to have a corresponding level.

With “Convert to Possessable”, it essentially takes the spawnable and creates a corresponding actor in the current evel and then binds the tracks to the new actor. If you recorded to a spawanble, you can convert it to a possessable, but it won’t map to your original actor. You’ll need to choose “Assign Actor” and assign it to the original actor in your level. That’s essentially the “roundtrip” version of recording directly to the possessable. I hope all this makes sense. What we found was that there’s a lot of different use cases and so we tried to address all of these with these options as well as ways to convert from one type to another.

Good luck!

Thanks, Record to Possessable does exactly what I’m looking for, I didn’t notice it before because it’s hidden in the advanced options right at the bottom.

I was also able to make things work by deleting the duplicate instance spawned by the sequencer when you Convert to Possessable and then using Assign Actor to possess the original instance as you mentioned.

However if I instead delete the original pawn and use the instance created by the sequencer I get this extra actor while the sequence plays:

and I don’t resume from where the animation ends.

I’m not too worried about that now since I have some good work-arounds now, but it seems odd to me, maybe it’s a bug?

On that topic, when it says Defaults to the global setting in the tooltip for the spawnable vs possessable, where exactly is this global setting? Looked everywhere under Editor and Project settings but there’s nothing relevant there.