What is considered acceptable Third Party Content in a Marketplace Assets?

Hey guys,

So my first marketplace listing includes assets from the free FX pack on the marketplace.
At the time of creation it was one of the few packs listed.

Since then there have been a lot of assets I could use to incorporate into my blueprint marketplace listings.

This would give that feel that everyone always complains my addons lack.
I build systems easily integrate-able with out art assets but apparently that is hurting my sales tremendously as its my #1 complaint/criticism.

So my direct question is:

“What is the specific rule for using free marketplace assets in your addon?”

besides the obvious it cant just be a repack - is there something like “these packs can be repacked” or “anything listed under the always free can be used for placeholder assets for your content so long as your content is unique enough to pass the already established guidelines”

You can include sample content created by Epic Games, as long as it is not an integral part of your product, but used for display or example purposes only. You may not include products created by other sellers. If you have any additional questions you can contact us directly. https://marketplacehelp.epicgames.co…language=en_US

Thank you,

I asked this on the forums because I have had multiple people ask on my twitch stream/chat and I couldn’t find an answer directly on google that was updated.
I also asked this on the marketplace forum and not the private re-seller marketplace category so that others who are not yet listed on the marketplace can find this information.

Does this also mean that Paragon assets are considered owned/created by Epic?

As long as all other rules/guidelines apply anything under this profile can be used right?

Is there any way we can talk about getting the other third party always free content creators to be added to the list?

As a programmer there are a lot of great assets from the always free section that can enhance the visual aspect that appears everyone wants so badly when buying system components like I create which I think is what led to people asking me about the rules since i was using the epic FX pack and no assets in the other.

I was also wondering, is it allowed to include Starter Content as part of an asset? E.g., if I want to focus on meshes and not on materials, could I just include materials that directly use textures from the Starter Content and include them in the pack? Does the answer change if I give the pack away for free?


Yes, the Paragon assets are included and everything under the link you provided is fine as well. As is all Starter Content, engine content, and any Epic created Learning Resources under the Learn tab.

We have no plans to allow 3rd party assets to be distributed in other Marketplace product, whether they are free or not.


The key to including demo content in your Marketplace product is that the assets you are selling cannot rely on the demo content. Demo content should only assist with the presentation. For example, if you are selling a large number of props and want to include a demo level and some screenshots that have the props decorated on a landscape with some demo landscape materials and demo foliage, this is fine (as long as your screenshots and Technical Information make it clear exactly what the end-user is buying). However, if you plan to sell props where all of the textures and materials on the props are demo assets, this is not allowed.

Basically, if the demo assets were removed from your project, your product must still contain enough unique assets to provide significant value to the buyer and all of the assets should still function as intended.

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