What is considered a "good" amount of polys for use in UE4?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what is considered a “good” amount of polys for use in UE4 on a typical humanoid character for creating cinematics in Sequencer?

Whats considered high, normal, and low?

Im looking for quality at least of the level in this Uncharted 4 scene
(if you would be so kind as to use a few seconds…) – 3:45

It’s relative; MMOs may have as low as 1000 polys per character, games like The Order have over 100.000 polys per character.
I went over 15 million polys on a playable level with baked lightmaps and the engine handled fine.

Uncharted characters look like they are 50.000 polys average.

Right now, Im working on a goblin face and it isnt even that detailed but it already has 550k Polys…
What will happen when the body comes?
Any when I retopolgize it loses all the detail…

How can they achieve those realistic faces with 50,000 polys??

You can retain the detail by baking a normal map.

I think anything between 1000 and 100,000 poly’s can be fine depending on the type of game your making, unreal can handle much more but I wouldn’t really recommend high figure like 550k even for an entire character, especially if your world is going to be heavily populated.


The magic words are “normal map”. You use the details of a high poly mesh and bake them onto a (UV’d!) low poly mesh.