What is cheaper? Sphere collision checks or box collision checks?


if I have the choice to use a box collision object or a sphere collision object, which one should I use? For my understanding, sphere collision could be more expensive. To check collision with a sphere, you have to use the square root for the distance from the sphere origin. For a box it’s only a if-else. But I don’t know much about this. What’s cheaper?

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Box is cheapest. The simpler the shape (polys), the cheaper.

Wouldn’t Sphere Collision checks be cheaper. I don’t think they’re checking the square root of the distance. A squared distance check should suffice. But for the box, wouldn’t it require multiple conditional checks? On second thought, that would work for sphere to sphere collision checks. I’m not sure about other scenarios.

Negligible difference, go with what is most accurate.

@Bits360 Much small differences can make a huge difference :wink: It’s usually not only one collision object…

Gotcha. Mostly depends on application. Just dont use convex collision if your having many of 1 object.