What is causing my timeline to be paused?

I have a timeline node in one of my scripts, but it will not activate. This “Paused” node appears above it, but I don’t know what caused it or how to fix it. Can’t find any documentation on it. Any help would be appreciated.


That info bubble works in simulation mode, so you should be seeing it change to “Playing” when you hit Simulate, and you can ignore it when you just play in editor or as standalone.

You’re right; the timeline does show to be playing while the game is running. In that case, though, I have no idea why it is not updating the node it’s connected to:

A shot of the timeline curve might be of help. My only guess is that your offset isn’t enough to be noticed.

The following worked for me!:


Had the same problem. No idea how it got paused to begin with. Couldn’t figure out how to unpause it. Closing and reopening my project fixed it.