What is Blueprint Rotating Movement Component

I could only find this wiki about Rotating Movement Component. What is this used for? Can I use this to rotate some actors ingame? I can’t make any use of it. But it looks like something important :smiley:

Hi Nicat,

You have somewhat answered your own question. It is simply a component you add to a blueprint to designate how you want an actor to rotate in your level. At the bottom of the wiki link you posted they demonstrate this with an aeroplane where you would control the Roll (like a barrel “roll”), Pitch (“loop” up or down), or Yaw (“turn” left or right.)

If you need more information, please state specifically what you would like to know more about this node.


Hello. I will just ask this then. Can I use this to rotate my pawn ingame? Like using mouse x value to control planes yaw or something. And is this somehow different than using rotate node?

The difference between the Rotating Blueprint Component verses a simple Rotate Vector node is that the Rotating Blueprint Component is a controller that allows you to controller all rotating motion of an actor verses having to set it up manually using a separate Rotate Vector Node for Yaw, Pitch, and Roll.

The Rotating Blueprint Component also designates whether the actor is going to rotate in world space vs local space, another thing that would have to be set up separately in blueprints, which, if not set up correctly will cause glitches in the rotation.

So essentially it is a shorter, more efficient way to control the rotation of an actor or a pawn whose movement is rotation heavy (ie: a vehicle.)