What is better a video playback or Map with tons of objects?

Hi Everyone,

What would be more efficient… I have a map with a few mountains and say 300-400 static mesh trees which as an example would be used as a background for a menu (so not interactable).

Would it be more efficient to record the background and play it on a loop as a video with the Menu UI overlaid later on or is that overkill and its fine to keep the scene as is given it’ll have light usage. If I ever made a proper project or got it off the ground I’d aim for pc or console as a target platform.

Any suggestions?

It really depends how good you are in building levels. I have trees and rocks that will bring a level to it’s knees if you drop 400 in. Others are ok.

I guess, just be aware of what impact your level is having on the frame rate. If it’s basically nothing, then it’s fine to put it in the background.

Otherwise, yes, use a vid :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks, I’ll give it a shot and profile and see what runs up the frame rate (or not!)… appreciate the response :slight_smile:

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