What is best way to exactly match animation retargeting poses

I’m trying to retarget some animations I purchased from the Marketplace.

The skeleton that came with the purchased animations is in A-pose and the skeleton that I want to retarget to is also in A-pose.

The problem is that A-poses between models are not exactly the same. What I’m finding is that the small differences affect the animation quality greatly. Especially the fingers. The purchased asset has very relaxed fingers my mesh has very straight fingers. I’m struggling to make the retargeted animation look right when the animation forms a fist.

Unity gets around this problem by forcing each skeleton to exactly the same pose (T-pose) when it configures it for animation. Is there a similar option in Unreal. If not, is there an easier way to do this? It feels like I’m doing this the hard way.

You can go to the skeletal mesh editor, there setup the retarget pose, enable orto views (right, front, top) and adjust it. Easier way, export both to blender eg and do it there because you can overlap the models. after that you need to save your retarget pose and do retargeting again.

Thanks for the tips! I will give it a shot…

I’m also looking for an answer to this. Poses can be matched manually, but it is very time consuming to align every bone of the skeleton. Does Unreal not have a Mecanim equivalent?

for quickly perfect pose matching, you could try this plugin: Easy Pose in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
it works with almost just a button click and the result is excellent!

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