what is best method to use database in ue4?

hello, i’m working on an horror action game and i want to store all the story line on a database.

with story line i mean, the unlockables, doors status, spawn points, enemies locations, respawn locations and so on.

i saw a few plugins on the marketplace to use databases on ue4, but i’m just wondering if ue4 has a built in database system to avoid to use of external plugins (to avoid losing performance)

any help will be useful.

One approach is to use Datatables and then just use actor instances within Sub-Levels.

There are data tables, but they are just a Map of Custom Structs if you dig deep down.

Databases are kinda wonky if you don’t know much about them. I’d say roll SQLite if you do anything. Building the toolset might be cheaper than the marketplace assets as well. That stuff has been done millions of time in c++.

But why not use save states that are built into unreal?