What is Basepass?

Im doing profiling with the GPU and Basepass is a huge issue i dont know what it is nothing is on the docs explaining this as much… what is it?

The basepass is a huge chunk of the rendering process. Essentially the various sections of the G-buffer and all of your shader instructions in the materials.

You can visualize what the G-buffer is in the editor. I can send you a screenshot if needed.

Alright i see and how do you Visualize the G-Buffer?

Click on the shading model such as “lit” in the top left corner of the viewport and select buffer visualization. There you see the different buffer components.

I recommend you enable the plugin RenderDoc. It is amazing, you can check out how the rendering works step by step and see the associated cost.

I reopened this to ask another question, is Basepass more noticeable with same/repeated textures? I did the whole RenderDoc thing but i easily abandoned it because its too CPU intensive and i need that for the engine.

Basepass is a big problem on ironically the smallest level in my game and the levels design is simple but the fps is suppose to be at 60fps but remains at a painful 45fps, i want the GPU to back off as much as possible because thats the biggest bottleneck in my game.