What is Asset Validation?

When I do a “Validate Assets in Folder” what exactly does it validate?

For example validating /Game/StarterContent/Textures outputs messages such as:

/Game/StarterContent/Textures/T_Wood_Oak_N has no data data validation.

UE docs says nothing about what it does (Asset Validation | Unreal Engine Documentation). Can I use it as a way to detect invalid/null references for example? To validate compilable Blueprints or C++ classes?

What exactly does it “validate”?

Hey KeyC0de! I’d like to know more about it myself. I’ll share with you what I’ve found so far.

Here is a small description taken from the UE4 roadmap :“The Data Validation plugin has been extended to support C++, Blueprint, and Python-based rules for asset validation. This enables tech artists who are working in Blueprints or Python to create asset validation scripts, instead of requesting C++ implementations. For developers, default engine classes are now able to go through a validation path.”

You can create a blueprint deriving from Editor Validator Base and I’ve found a bunch of nodes to investigate as well as two functions to override (at least in 4.24). I’ll give it more time soon.