What is archviz?

I am struggling with a question. I work with archviz but i find it difficult to explain to somebody that doesnt know what it is and how it benefits real estate for example. If somebody asked you what archviz means and what you do how would you describe it? I would like to explain to them that instead of a classic photograph of an appartment you can walk around the buildng by yourself and see stuff from all kind of angles and instead of seing floorplans and drawings you se something that is close to how it would look like before it is done.

It allows you to visualize more accurately what something will look like before it’s built, that’s really all it is.

In the most basic sense, the job involves taking a design concept and visualizing it using whatever means necessary, so that a client can better understand the product that they will receive.

in very short words:
it makes architectural ideas visible.

'Archviz" is short for “Architectural Visualizations”. You create visuals of Architecture.
It’s important because you can show clients what doesn’t exist yet which is beneficial to the design process as well as the marketing process.

Thanks for your answers. I try to make things as simple as possible when i explain. You have helped me alot :slight_smile: